StyleControls VCL


Additional screenshots with VCL Styles from

Additional Windows 10, 11 Fluent UI screenshots

New features for controls to create New Ribbon UI
Support of VCL Styles in designer (new for RAD Studio 11 Alexandria)
TscGPVertPageControl updates for Windows 11 UI (new in v. 5.0)
Support of Windows 11 System (new in v.4.90)
Per-Control styling - new feature of 10.4 (all controls now have StyleName property)
New High-DPI Ribbon UI analogue demo with semi-transparent TscGPToolPager control and techno design idea

New High-DPI Ribbon UWP demo with modern design
New High-DPI MultiView UWP demo with modern design

New High-DPI MultiPage UWP and standard demo with modern design

Custom scalable wallpaper support in different controls (TscGPImageCollection component)

Custom wallpaper support in caption of the styled form (new in 4.25)
(you can use it to show holidays event, for example)

Support of "PerMonitorV2" DPI Awareness option (available in 10.3 Rio) for all controls
(now they use per monitor system metrics and theme data)

New High-DPI UWP MultiView Demo
(UWP demo template, which helps you to create Modern Application with MultiView UI)
New High-DPI UWP Ribbon UI NextGen Demo 
(additional UWP demo with next, more simple Ribbon UI, which MS planned in 2019 + it shows new TscGPCharGlyphButton control)

New High-DPI UWP Ribbon UI Extended Demo

New GP controls, which uses "FontAwesome" font to draw char as image

New High-DPI UWP Media Player demo (custom adjustment)

New High-DPI UWP Media Player demo (VCL Styles from

New High-DPI UWP analogue demo without VCL Style

New High-DPI UWP analogue demo with VCL Styles

New High-DPI Ribbon UI analogue demo with GP (GDI+) controls (only custom adjustment, without any VCL Style)

DevExpress VCL v. 18.X + Special Adapter Unit for VCL Styles

 Ribbon UI analogue demos with TscToolPager, TscGPToolPager controls and VCL Styles
Updated demo for TscAppPager control

New Demos with form customization and DWM system shadow (new in 3.X version)

Collection of cool controls, which based on GDI+ vector graphic (new in 3.X version)

Support of 3D transition engine from ImageKit (TIKPageView control) +
smooth property animations (new in 3.X version)

Support of transition engine from SmartEffects  (new in 3.X version)

Blurred glass effect for form client  (new in 3.X version)

High-DPI (scaling) support for controls and forms, messages to any system scale factor (100% - 200% and more)
(auto adjust VCL Style elements)

 Custom message with 150% scale (use scMessageDlg or scMessageDlgEx methods)

Windows 10 Modern UI Application (UWP design)

Form border with Buttons and Tabs

Menus with Alphablend, Wallpaper and Header support


Custom dropdown (popup) forms

Advanced controls and other features

DevExpress VCL controls with VCL Styles (special adapter unit used)

Windows 10 Screenshots